In the 2021 season, according to tradition, the organizers held the annual Milwaukee Lakefront marathon. The events were filled with many interesting moments and great performances. Let’s deal with everything in order.

Annual Marathon’s essence

The event is an annual qualifying run. Participants of any age and ability are welcome. The competition takes place every spring in downtown Milwaukee. The organizers provide participants with the opportunity to use two courses – a full course – 26.2 miles, and a half marathon – 13.1 miles.

This is considered the fortieth anniversary. In 2021, the event was certified by the USATF. It took place in Grafton, Wisconsin. Both tracks originated from the Italian Community Center and ended at the finish line – Northwestern Mutual park.

Prize fund 2021

As in other years, the organizers formed a prize fund. The runners who showed the best results received awards. The prize pools are slightly different for the two competitions.

Full Running Marathon Half Running Marathon
Male 1/2/3/4/5 $1500/$1000/$500/$250/$100 Male 1/2/3 $500/$250/$100
Female 1/2/3/4/5  $1500/$1000/$500/$250/$100 Female 1/2/3 $500/$250/$100
1 overall Wisconsin (male) $250 1 overall Wisconsin (male) $50
1 overall Wisconsin (female) $250 1 overall Wisconsin (female) $50
1/2/3 Masters (40+) $250/$100/$50 1/2/3 Masters (40+) $150/$100/$50
1/2/3 Masters (50+) $250/$100/$50 1/2/3 Masters (50+) $150/$100/$50


$5000 bonus gift in 2021

The organizers of the running event are offering participants a bonus amount of $5,000. The bonus may go to the best man or woman who completes the running course with a time that exceeds the fastest distance (26.2 miles – 2:14:09/ 13.1 – 2:39:15). The USATF certifier oversees that all requirements are met.

2021 season results table

At the end of the races, the organizers formed the standings in the full distance and in the half. According to the results of the table, all winners received well-deserved awards.

Full running distance Top-5
Position Name Age Average Pace (per mile) Time
1st Matt Barrett 34 5:27  2:22:35
2nd Michael Ellenberger 29 5:29 2:23:19
3rd Martin Earl 29 5:38 2:27:29
4th Shawn Ferguson 30 5:43 2:29:31
5th Aaron Viets 31 5:44 2:30:09


The results of the half marathon were as follows.

Half Marathon Top-5
Position Name Age Average Pace (per mile) Time
1st Paul Gutmann 37 5:28 1:15:20
2nd Jacob Klug 43 5:29 1:15:35
3rd Cody Mother 25 5:54 1:15:47
4th Chase Robles   27 5:56 1:15:49
5th Joel Heroux 32 6:00 1:17:58


2021 outcome is encouraging

The 2021 season has been one of the most exciting. The time and average pace results prove it.