Every year since 2008, Milwaukee Public Colleges has hosted the Run Back to School program at the end of August. The program was designed and implemented by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Core essence of the Run Back to School program

The event is usually held in the morning, usually on Saturday. The competition includes a 5 km run and a 1.5-mile run. Region – Washington Park. The state’s lieutenant governor annually takes part in the program to increase the motivation of the younger generation.

Also, the organizers initially decided to hold the season right before the college year’s beginning. Feeling good and supporting teachers before the academy year’s beginning is the key to success.

Benefits for State Public Institutions

The cooperation of students with teachers has a positive effect on the overall climate in colleges. Establishments even sometimes unite teams among themselves. This opens the way to funding the needs. Moreover, those institutions with 25 or more registered participants qualify for special funding.

Special Funding means a grant of more than $500/participant. The grant can be used to finance sports and recreation programs developed within educational institutions.

Grant size $500/$1000
Grant purposes Sports and recreation programs
Condition $500 Institutions with 25 or more registered participants
Condition $1000 Largest number of participants


The academy with the largest number of participants are guaranteed to receive a $1,000 grant.

Plans of educational institutions regarding grants

Principals and teachers of educational institutions are always happy to take part in the Run Back to School program. The goals of each college are different. But the essence is the same – a lot of money can be used for the benefit of students. Moreover, the opportunity to receive a grant is a great motivation.

Fernwood Montessori and Bay View Schools are the most frequent winners of races and receive grants accordingly.

An elementary institution teacher said her institution has always received a $500 grant. The teacher has been the captain of the team for several years, and her children take part in the program with enthusiasm every year.

Where is the Run Back to School money spent?

Every year several schools become happy owners of $500 and $1000 grants. Let’s look at the winners over the past five years.

Year Institution Grant
2017 Bay View  $500
2017 Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts  $1000
2018 Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts  $500
2018 Rogers Street Academy $1000
2019 Fernwood Montessori $500
2019 Rogers Street Academy $1000
2020 Fernwood Montessori $500
2020 Bay View  $1000
2021 Fernwood Montessori $500
2021 Bay View  $1000


They are spending money on new gyms and gym equipment, new football, and basketball uniforms, and covering registration fees.

Program is a great way to reunite

Before the start of the new year, there is nothing better than getting everyone together and starting a reunion. Milwaukee Recreation’s Run Back to School program is the perfect solution.