Marathons in the modern world are very popular among athletes. The organizers do not miss the opportunity to create something attractive. One of the great solutions was the Milwaukee Lakefront.

Running trail features

The essence of the marathon is presented in two races – full and half marathons. Accordingly, there are differences in running courses. Each participant will be able to find something suitable for themselves.

Main track data

The main track, which has been used for over 40 years, is no longer accessible! The resonant announcement was made ahead of the 2021 season. The organizers reported that in 2020, the capital construction of the familiar direct route started.

The decision to lay a new path was taken immediately. The main objective was to demonstrate the beauty of Milwaukee – lakes, forests, caves, and entire nature. I wanted something different from the previous trail while maintaining all the views.

Marathon course

Distance 42,25 км
Start Milwaukee Italian Community Center
Finish  Northwestern Mutual park
Regions South Milwaukee, Young Milwaukee, Grant Park, Hoan Bridge
Climb 178 meters


Geographic areas to conquer

The trail starts near the Milwaukee Italian Community Center and lasts about 5 miles. Five miles run through city blocks. After five miles, the contestants finally make it to St. Francis, Cudahy, and South Milwaukee.

At Young Milwaukee itself, runners enter Grant Park. It is there that all the bliss of nature begins – magnificent old oaks and other types of trees. Most of the distance of the road runs along Lake Michigan. Simultaneous running and enjoying the scenery are simply mesmerizing.

The middle of the route – approximately the 20th mile – passes over the Hoan Bridge. The Bridge is followed by Veterans Park and Bradford Beach, the big gems of the area. Then there is a turn and exit to the finish line. The total distance is just over 42 km.

Half-marathon distance has several differences

In the case of a half marathon, the distance is halved and becomes approximately 21.5 km. The start and end of the track run in the same place as the full road. Naturally, the difference in distance is explained by a different turning angle. The U-turn is carried out near St. Francis High School, short of Sheridan Park.

The start is in the Historic Third Ward region and follows Bay View via Fernwood to St. Francis High School. This is followed by a turn and run in the opposite direction along the waterfront through Park Bay View. Jones’ Island leads to the finish line – Lakeshore State Park.

Half-marathon course

Distance 21,42 км
Start Historic Third Ward
Finish  Lakeshore State Park
Regions Bay View, Fernwood, St. Francis High School, Jones’ Island
Climb 89 meters

Both tracks are well equipped for use

Each participant can choose the appropriate option. The main thing is to proceed from your own capabilities and desires.